How Perfect Posture Can Make Perfect Meditation

Pose of woman laying on her belly  grabbing her feet in the air in a very difficult yoga posture
“Rocking Bow Pose by Sarah Siblik (CC BY-ND 2.0). See it at

Screw posture.

I tell my students to stand on their head if they feel the desire to. (no, it is not a yoga class.)

Yes, there are many physical/spiritual benefits to posture and there is also specific breathing and finger posturing.  This stuff is great.  It isn’t my focus at all.  I’m all about helping the subconscious mind to get a person to place where they are connected, open, and aware.

Years back, I read”The Art of Happiness” by the current Dalai Lama and what stuck out to me is that he really encourages people to find what works for them.

I heard another teacher with many talks and meditations on You Tube, Ajahn Brahm, that takes the time in the beginning of meditations to have students listen to what their bodies are telling them about what posture would be the most comfortable.

MEDITATION IS MEANT TO BE RELAXING. (it isn’t a job. no work required.)

 I tell my students to shift or change postures if they need to. Take a look at your “musts” and “shoulds” for meditation. Get rid of one.. Take it easy. Guess what, you still meditated.

However, I do use certain postures myself that I have found work for me but I’m sure they are not textbook perfect.  Somehow I still seem to meditate regularly and have amazing and calming experiences.

So research stuff, study with people, and try different things, but above all else, listen to your body and intuition. It will guide you always.

Love and Light,


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