Preparing For Valentine’s Day With Mindfulness

Godzilla action figure pointing with a planning stick to a map of Japan
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What comes with planning the future. Godzilla contemplates Japan. I wonder how that will go for him?

My oh-so-clever theme for February, “Open Hearted”, boils down to a possibly cliche, but still powerful topic for the month.  With Valentines only 4 days away, many people may be thinking of all of the things that will be happening on that day.

I could give two licks what will be happening.  I have a twin flame who I am blessed to journey with (in the same household) and we are deciding what we will be doing.  However, the real key that I am addressing with myself and putting out there for all of you is:

How are you being?

Are you being stressed out and preoccupied with plans?

Are you battling self-pity?

Are you focused on love and the present moment?

Are you open to the beauty of the possibilities the day may bring?

The best way to find out how you are being is to look at the thoughts associated with the topic.  Take some time each day before Valentines to DO NOTHING. Get quiet and allow the ideas/concepts/notions of the meanings associated in your mind with Valentines.  If journaling is part of your process, jot some stuff down, or better yet blog about it.

As you watch your meanings/shoulds/associations with the holiday, do not allow the mind to judge.  No matter how silly your expectations are, lets get them into the light so that you can see if they are valid and useful.  (Yes, some expectations are useful.)  Get real about how you feel about the day, what you want, and what you think others expect.

Here’s a bit of mine:

“I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day because of the pressure of the day.  I already love my husband but I attribute a lot of unspoken responsibility on him to pull a magical prince charming (my husband is amazing, but when i do this, it sets an impossible standard). I don’t want to deal with crowds. I want to feel pretty. I desperately hope the sitter comes through so that we can have at least a bit of a date.   No matter what, we will enjoy each other immensely and stare deeply into each others eyes and kiss. Hopefully we can consecrate the evening! There is so much money stuff attributed to Valentines day.  I have to make sure that I get our kid to make valentines.Remember when I was a kid and made Valentines and lots of people didn’t like me.  I wonder if I will be able to fit into the dress I want to wear.”

WHEW! That is a whole lot running through my head about one little day.  I’m sure I could come up with more if I wanted.   My point is, I got these out in the light so I can see the forces that will be acting on me subconsciously and affecting my emotional state that day.

Try this yourself. Even if something seems silly, write it down.  Mindfully watch your thoughts without judgement. Continue to meditate on it. What beliefs no longer serve you?  What are new ways of thinking about the holidays?

Then to end each meditation, visualize how you would like to feel on Valentines… Serene? Loved? Loving? Joyful? Grateful?  See yourself in the day, without including specific plans and practice feeling what you see yourself feeling. You are training your subconscious mind in this way and redirecting old thought patterns.

I would love to hear from all of you that take a few minutes to try this.

Enjoy your week!

Love and Light,


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2 thoughts on “Preparing For Valentine’s Day With Mindfulness

  1. Hi Val, your plans sound great! I must confess I don’t know what actual day of the week it is on, ok just checked the calendar it is on Saturday here in Australia.
    I’m curious as to why people didn’t like you when you made Valentines? Doesn’t sound nice!
    Hope you have a wonderful love filled day ❤


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