A Valentines Meditation

This makes a great 30 minute meditation or even longer. Try the whole thing or just parts of it. Take some time tonight to love yourself with this meditation. We put much thought into how we treat others, but sometimes forget about ourselves. This is great way to start at the source.

Do you have a hot date tonight? Do this with your partner. Or google “eye-gazing” and do that for ten or fifteen minutes.

Bring your love for yourself and others to the next level.

(Do not do this while driving please!) .

Take a few minutes just to follow the sensations of your breathing.

Focus on your heart chakra area.

See bright light coming in each breath and filling and expanding in your heart. Continue to do this letting warmth fill your chest.

Then do a body scan, very slowly, from the top of your head all the way down sending love to each area of your body. Let any thoughts, ideas, opinions go into a the thought stream. To each part, let love say “I see you as you are created perfectly for this moment” . Keep your focus there in your heart chakra as you do the scan sending love each part of your body. Try to notice as many small parts of parts as you can appreciating each part of your body. 

After you’re done if there are any parts that were hard to send love to or where there were sticky spots, return to them letting any shoulds go into the thought stream and sending extra love to those spots. Say to each part: “I see you as you are created perfectly for this moment.”

Do the same thing now with all the amazing systems of your body, thanking each amazing part for all that it does.: Circulatory, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Reproductive. (What am I missing? Anatomy wasn’t my strongest, but you get my point.)

Then look at your personality, behaviors, mannerisms, and beliefs. Keep your focus point in the warmth of your heart chakra. Send love to each part, letting judgements go into the thought stream. Again, “I see you perfectly created for this moment.” Sending love to each part of you that comes to mind.

Finally, (You could just do this one the whole time if you want.. It would make a great prolonged meditation.) keeping your focus in your heart chakra area, send waves of love out to your body, mind, spirit, energy body and feel them echoing back. Just sit in the waves of love letting thoughts, ideas, judgments go in the thought stream. Just experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy.

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