Virtual Meditation Class

For our friends not in Cocoa Beach,  you can join our Saturday Morning Meditation class from your own home.

Do not say…. Oh i will bookmark and do it later. (You will? Really?) If you have even thirty minutes now, just do it. No time like the present.

Morning Chakra Clearing Meditation with Doreen Virtue:

This month we are talking about love.  Since I’m dealing with a residual cough and a very not soothing voice from a nasty cold and I didn’t want to cancel class, I dug into my cds.  I found an amazing guided meditation to use that is the perfect morning meditation.

So love yourself enough this morning to give yourself one hour to align your self for the week.  We will start with a thirty minute Doreen Virtue chakra opening meditation. My favorite part of this meditation is the heart opening affirmations. “I am love.” It gets no simpler nor more powerful than that. This meditation is designed to ready you for the day by opening and clearning each chakra. Listen to this meditation then have another youtube or cd of gentle meditation music ready for twenty or thirty minutes of silent meditation.

Like any meditations we do, when listening to the CD or breathing in silent meditation, be gentle with yourself. As soon as you notice that your focus has drifted, let any thoughts, ideas, judgements, opinions go into the thought stream. Return back to your focus point, be it guided voice, music, breath or whatever other focus point you are using.  Do this as many times as necessary. The key to mindfulness is not in perfect staying woth the focus point, but in exercising the awareness that the mind had gone elsewhere.

I found the same meditation on YouTube actually that is on the CD I own. This youtube is not the certified version but i wanted to share it. I dont ever use guided cds in class but today was a special case because my voice had been shot. If you get the chance though, check out Doreen Virtues actual YouTube channel.  Also i have some of her books and cards at home.  Her daily Angel cards are my favorite cards.

Try this out and be ready for an item hearted weekend.

Love and Light,


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