Good Luck Getting an A+ Buddy

… Because they don’t exist. You cannot achieve your way through meditation. There is no diploma. Realistically, there really even isn’t a goal. Whether that last statement is really true or not, what if you looked at meditation as if it were true? As if every time you sat (or stood, or walked, or layed down) there was no goal?

Maybe an intention of following a specific focus like the breath or a sound or mantra,but no actual goal or expectation for how the meditation will BE or how “good” you will do.

Too many people that I talk to put an immense amount of strain on themselves to “relax dammit!” It’s really not effective on any planet.

So who cares. Just sit. When you notice you mind has drifted, cool, just bring it back gently & lovingly. If you stay with the focus an absurdly long time compared to usual, no big deal, if you don’t, whatever. Take the Key West view to meditation. Relax and enjoy. Its all just perfect in this moment.

Love and Light,

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