Hello Spring! No Cleaning this Year.

Showing inside of a white paned window open to see spring blooms
“Just a few days, and they are in full bloom” by storebukkebruse (CC BY 2.0). See it at https://flic.kr/p/9yQj9o

Again I’ve had quite an interlude from writing as I’ve been in the middle of starting a rather enterprising business. I’ll do a quick blog about it in the future, but it is past time that I get to the purpose of this blog: Meditating our way to perfection and bliss… Or at least some peace and calm amidst your day.

This month in meditation class we are looking at moving toward solution.  It seems in the area of people moving toward growth and improvement, there is constant clamoring for purging out old issues.  We are ever vigilant of our faults and being rid of them.  Well in the interest of spring growth, I say forget it all.

Instead, let’s focus on moving toward what we think is the next thing that we want to be doing. Not necessarily to be rid of old habits, but just to move forward.  Because if we are moving forward to something, the we don’t have to focus on leaving the place we are in.  That just happens as a natural result.

In this way, we begin to fill the space that we have created with all of the gobs of clearing work.  Fill it with self-care, and things that bring you joy, and things that are useful to others, or whatever else you care to.  Move into yourself. Get comfortable. Put pictures on the walls of your life just the way that you feel inspired to do. Follow your heart.

So Val, where does meditation fit into all of this?  I’m so glad that you asked.

Here’s a short one for you to do at home:

Think of a project you are doing or an endeavor you want to move towards or just something you want to do more of. If you don’t have one, meditate on your breath until you feel inspired. Imagine now that this thing is already happening. You have succeeded. As you sit with this thing, think briefly on how you would feel if this thing is happening. Let the emotions roll through your body as you just try them on for a bit.

Then with a breath, envision this notion or concept as as a flower bud(any kind) at your center with a brilliant white light in the center of it peeking out of the tightly curled petals.

See the flower opening slowly, (very)

slowly with the light getting brighter and pouring out of it to fill your very being.

Sit with this for awhile, noticing the change in your energy as the light fills you and the flower is open in full bloom.

Notice again the emotions that you feel as if this thing were already happening.  See what they feel like now. Notice the vibrancy.  Notice what expressions are on your face.


This meditation moves your subconscious mind to be aligned with the destination, rather than leaving the starting point.  Enjoy the journey.

Love and Light,

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