Will You Be The Windshield Wiper

Oh my goodness, the human perspective on events that actually happen astounds me.  As fifty different people witness one drop of water hitting the ground, 50 very different impressions/ideas/memories are formed. And I am clearly right and you are not so right, so I am going to help you to have my experience of the drop of water and ALL will be well. Mua ha ha ha!!!

The thoughts our subconscious mind brings up in reference to a given stimuli depends upon life history, mood, recent events, hormonal activity and a giant multitude of things.  Much of it in a given day is inconsequential so many of us are unaware of the vast discrepancies we are all having at every moment.  Literally how much we all see all situations differently.

We would all spend the entire day arguing finer points that really have no right answer, because everyone and no one is RIGHT.  I heard a really wise friend of mine say once that humans are the only creatures to take a moment that is perfect in its creation and attempt to overlay our opinion and perspective.  And while I think this is one of the things that makes us marvelously human, it also makes us wrong all the time if we must be right.

I love that my experiences color my perception, because in many ways, it has been useful.  However, what I need most in the whole world is a windshield wiper for when my glasses get mucky.

There are two ways I do this, meditation and honest friends.  Meditation clears the perspective so that in quietude we can hear our inner wisdom and even really good ideas from the supercomputer of the subconscious mind.  The analyzer of what we “think” of a situation and the “impression” is perpetuating the ego of MY view of the world.  When we get quiet and listen for guidance, we allow the soul/spirit/mind, whatever suits you, to give you much clearer direction.

For myself, I can tap into my higher self like this; also, the subconscious mind which stores tons of information and sensory input and has access to a huge knowledge base that the conscious mind can’t even touch can break through when in meditation. So this can be from a spiritual perspective or a “practical” perspective, for lack of a better word.

The other windshield wiper to scrape the glasses clean(er) are people who know and love me and are willing to help me open my mind to see others’ perspectives.  When I can get down from behind the podium, I see that I am a part of this world, I am connected to each person and I can learn that my thoughts are just my thoughts and just my perception of events.

My friends and family point out to me that I am just fine the way I am in this moment and so is everyone else.  Once I realize that, I have more opportunities to respond rather than react.

Talk to yourself, talk to your friends.  Open your mind to the millions of ways that one single raindrop can be viewed and you have instantly become closer to people around you.

Love and Light,

To learn more about what I do or to book a session, visit meditationcounselingbrevard.com for local classes, individual sessions in person or via phone.

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